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Sample Essay Score: Two
These two statements contain essay about sport very strong personal biases toward the economically disadvantaged, and the people involved in their welfare. Both quotations seem to contain an element of sarcasm or negativity. The inevitable plight of the financially unfortunate person appears to be the attitude represented in these quotations. Charity is thought to be an ineffective means to this problem.
Quotation A is making a judgment about the people that charity effects. The “…good-for- nothing people, implies that these people don’t deserve the aid of the organization. In contrast quotation “B” is speaking more of the hopelessness of charity, and its minute effect on the masses of disadvantaged.
I feel that even tho organizations concerned in charitable contributions have only a very small impact on the world at large, it is a beginning in raising the concerns of others.
Comment: This paper is very thin in content and inadequate in interpreting the quotations. Part 3 is completely unsupported and there are some serious problems with sentence structure and diction (”Charity is thought to be an ineffective means to this problem”).

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